What is "Vintage"?

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

Many of our brides walk into their appointment and tell us that they want a vintage themed wedding invitation suite. But what does this really mean?

It is important that you approach your wedding invitation design with a good idea of what “vintage” truly means to you. It certainly helps us on the design side when we have a better picture of what kind of theme you have in mind, and what elements you want to tie in. Vintage has changed over the decades and each bride has a little different interpretation of the word itself. Vintage is used very loosely these days thanks to Pinterest and other inspiration boards on the web. Let’s take a look at all the different forms that vintage takes…

We’ve seen a lot of wedding themes based on the Victorian era vintage. Filled with natural white lace, big peonies blooms, crystal and pearl details, your wedding day is sure to be magical. You can imagine a garden tea party themed reception. We’ve created invitations on our Stardream line of paper that give off a pearlized elegance. Or even just a simple off white paper to give the whole suite a softer appearance. See our example invitation below…an elegant vintage letterpress invitation.

The peony theme has also been a big hit this year! As peony season bloomed in Kentucky, so did the accents of peony flowers at weddings.

Then there is the Great Gatsby era filled with long pearl necklaces, Charleston, satin dresses, and lots of feathers details. I’m seeing a elegant champagne fountain.

Then there is Art Deco, Hollywood era. You can’t forget the shoulder pads in your mom’s dresses that you used to make fun of, or the little hats with the veils and accents.

Next, we have the Audrey Hepburn, rock and roll era. Complete with pumps, retro everything and funky pattern fabrics. See one of our brightly colored more modern, vintage invitations below…

If that’s a little too much for you, there is always the free spirit, vintage hippie, flower power, wedding theme. I see long flow-y dresses and loose wavy or curly hair and lots of ribbons accents.

Everyone has a different feel for what they want their vintage invitation to look like. Make sure you know before you go into the designing stage so that everything goes smoothly. Stop by to see a few examples of the vintage invitations we have already done, or better yet, let us help you create a customized vintage style invitation that suits your preferences.

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