"Tie the Knot"

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

In regards to wedding ceremonies, the phrase “tying the knot” seems to be a common expression of the union between the bride and groom. But during the ceremony…there is no actual tying of any knot that takes place…. So where did this strange saying come from? Many of us actually have no clue, or have even really thought about it.

However, one of our wedding invitation designs at Cardinal and Straw displays an image of a knot, hence where our design name, “Tie the Knot,” originated from. After doing some searching, I have found that there are actually several possible historical explanations!

We can thank the ancient Babylonians for helping to develop this common day phrase! For their wedding ceremonies, they used threads from clothes of the bride and groom to tie a knot. This knot, to them, represented the union that the couple was establishing through marriage. In many cultures today, tying hands together or tying a ribbon on a finger can still be seen as part of a wedding ceremony across the world. However the actual history goes, we can be sure that this phrase still holds many meanings for wedding ceremonies today.

This is our design “Tie the Knot”…

“Tie the Knot” Invitation
“Tie the Knot” Respond Card

Whether it is an important part of your culture, or just a phrase that holds deep meaning to you and your significant other, this design is sure to be a timeless representation of the day that you all read your vows and “tied the knot.”


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