The Initial Look

Written by Lauren Quick

Personalize your wedding invitation suite with monograms, with your favorite fonts and designs. It is a simple way to make every piece within the invitation suite personalized and match.

At weddings you usually see monograms that consist of three letters, or just a single initial of the couples last name. If you are creating a monogram that consists of the bride and grooms name, always remember ladies first. It will go in the order of the brides first name, then the couples last name, and lastly the grooms first name.

One question that we do get a lot is, when is it ok to start using the married monogram? The correct etiquette is that before the wedding, as far as the save the dates, invitations, or thank you notes for showers go, it is not recommended to use the married monogram. However it seems to be ok to go ahead and use the married monogram during the ceremony on your wedding programs, aisle runners, guest book etc. Once you have made it official you are free to use it wherever you like. For example at the reception you could go ahead and  have the napkins, menu cards, place cards, wedding favors, etc. with the married monogram.

Here at Cardinal and Straw Fine Wedding Printing we have created monograms with just a single grooms last name initial, bride and grooms both first name initial, etc. Take a look below, we have some examples from our previous brides. But not only does it have to be a monogram that is carried from piece to piece it can also be used on wedding favors, we can print labels for water bottles, napkins etc. We recently printed a monogram label that was used on a corn-hole board for a wedding party.

Watch for more blog posts coming soon to see more examples of these monograms being used on various pieces of the wedding suites!

Greenwell-Lodmell Monogram
Harris-Gish Monogram
Bell-Little Monogram Design used throughout their Invitation Suite
Back – Lane Monogram Design that they used throughout their invitation suite
This monogram design is by Claudia Engle and was used throughout an invitation suite as well as on corn-hole boards at the wedding party!