Spring Weddings!

As we welcome to 2016 this week’s board features fresh spring looks! The invitations above showcase a few of our design options that brides have chosen in the past. As each bride and is unique, so are their suites! Brides can choose a unique spring design or nature-inspired envelope liner that will perfectly match their personal tastes and wedding style.

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This week’s board features various wreath designs. The range in style from casual to more formal and can be adjusted to set the right tone of your . Wreaths can be accompanied with an initial or monogram, as shown, to make them more personalized and unique to you as well.

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Greetings from your dream wedding destination!

Greetings from your dream destination! If you’re planning an out-of-town wedding, consider using your location as inspiration for your suite to get guests excited about the big day! Include an element such as a vintage-looking respond postcard or graphics representing a landmark in your destination. This look could be used to accompany a beach, mountain or any other !

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Floral Wedding


flowers and more flowers! Organic and natural elements are sure to bring your and to life with color and beauty. Include embellishments such as wreaths, full peony or garden rose blooms, and consider carrying the design onto a coordinating envelope liner!

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Kentucky Pride!


This week’s board is inspired by our own Commonwealth of ! We including elements from the into paper suites. Simple touches such as a Kentucky stamp or horseshoe will showcase your individual style and of course show your hometown pride!

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Save The Date!



As the holidays are right around the corner and we approach Thanksgiving, engagement season is now here! Save the dates are the first paper good that a couple orders to announce their engagement. The pictures above are some of our most popular and favorite designs of save the dates. Make your save the date into a bookmark for guests, place a picture of your favorite engagement picture or stick the simplicity of your wedding and invitation suite theme. Cardinal & Straw wants to make your save the date exactly want you want and more. Shop now at our Etsy site and check out our Facebook and Instagram for more ideas!


Pantone Marsala

MarsalaThis week we highlight Pantone 18-1438 (“Marsala”) – Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year.  Marsala and other shades of wine and plum have been popular wedding colors for holiday and winter weddings for years.   The earthy shades within the color resemble a winey red-brown.  Marsala is rich and robust and looks flattering against many skin tones and as an ink choice, against many paper colors.  It is an interesting color on its own and contrasts beautifully metallics, neutrals and pastels.  Shades of Marsala are incorporated into romantic floral motif and paired with metallic gold ink in our popular “Watercolor Wreath” invitation design shown above. For more inspiration on your upcoming wedding, check out Cardinal & Straw’s Facebook and Pinterest pages for your wedding invitation suite or shop our Etsy site now: