Rainy Showers and Baby Showers

Written by: Lauren Quick

Unfortunately mother’s day was full of rain showers- however it gave us inspiration for Rainy Showers and Baby Showers. If you did not already know, here at Cardinal and Straw we do not only offer Wedding Invitation Suites, but we also create a variety of invitations for all occasions.

Start the party off right with a custom designed baby shower invitation.

From chick and trendy to funky and alternative, we offer a variety of different baby shower invitations to represent that mommy-to-be. These invitations are just adorable! With the mixture of bright playful colors and cute little characters you can add excitement to any invitation. We offer endless possibilities for a baby shower invitation with our ability to create a custom design just for you!

With our help creating the perfect baby shower invitation to represent the mommy-to-be will be an honor, not a chore.

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