A Simple Way to "Keep Your Cool" on the Big Day

Written by Lauren Quick

Wedding programs are a beautiful and simple way to keep your guests “cool” at the wedding ceremony. They are most commonly used for outdoor weddings; however, churches can tend to get a little stuffy sometimes (especially in the hot summer months) Therefore, our fan programs can work for both! Even better, they also help to keep children occupied throughout the ceremony! Fan programs allow for your guests to cool themselves off while staying in the know for the entire ceremony. They really come in handy if you are having an outdoor wedding during the warmer months of the year, and it is also a unique and special way to share your wedding programs with your guests.

We offer more than just wedding programs that are attached with a paddle. We also offer stackable programs that allow for a traditional fan design with ceremony details printed on each layer. Hold the stacked layers together with our satin or sheer ribbon to give the fan an elegant touch your guests will not forget!

Fan programs with a paddle
Layered fan program

Don’t forget to order your fan programs about a month prior to your wedding! With a simple and versatile program, your guests will stay cool and informed throughout your special day!

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