How to Be Eco-Friendly When Choosing Your Invitations

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

Earth Day (4.22.12) has come and gone again. As the world moves towards a more environmentally friendly mindset, it’s not uncommon for our brides to inquire about what they can do to save on paper waste when choosing their invitation suites. Besides encouraging their guests to recycle, there is also another option that they can choose to make a difference. We carry not only the standard paper choices, but also offer our brides a line of paper known as Crane’s Lettra paper. When choosing paper, it is easy to just go with what is most common. However, if you want to do your part in helping the environment, ask us to quote your invitation on the soft, luxurious Lettra paper.

The Crane’s Lettra paper line is unlike regular paper because it is made from 100% cotton (meaning it’s tree-free!). Its main purpose was to maximize the Letterpress printing method that imprints the text of your invitation down into the paper instead of creating a raised feeling with Thermography. It may not look very different from a distance or even in pictures, but up close, this line of paper is soft to the touch and extremely durable on the press. You can use this type of paper regardless of the printing method that you choose: digital, Thermography, or Letterpress (and especially if you are a tree-hugger – saving the world one invitation at a time)!

One of our brides chose a digital printing method for her Lettra paper and it turned out beautiful. She paired green and black ink for the text, and added peony flowers in the corners to tie it all together.

Another one of our brides used Lettra paper throughout her entire suite. Below we have an image of  the Letterpress program that she incorporated. A complementary sheer pink ribbon to match only added to the elegance of her big day!

Pictures may be worth a thousand words…but these pictures do not do this line of paper any justice. Come in to our shop to see (and feel) the beauty that the Crane’s Lettra paper has to offer!



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