Ensure your reception is stress free – for everyone!

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

Everyone’s been to a wedding where you may not know that many people, but you drag your boyfriend or guest along to make the reception a little less awkward – at least you’ll have ONE person to talk to, right? Or maybe your ex-boyfriend from high school or college is going to be there with his new girlfriend, and you feel like you have to rush to get there so you can beat him to the best table of mutual friends. Regardless, there is most often an awkward situation or person that you wish to simply avoid at a wedding reception.

We’ve all been there – so why not, as the bride, make the reception an anxiety free evening for everyone, ex boyfriends and all?

Put everyone’s biggest concern to rest – where the heck am I going to sit?? Don’t make it a dilemma – just simply assign tables to everyone! If you are planning on having a large wedding, it may be a time commitment ensuring that everyone’s seating placement is acceptable. However, it is do-able! One of our recent brides has done just that quite beautifully. She started out with a navy theme in mind and was able to carry her design all the way through her invitation suite – and then onto the programs and even onto this enchanting seating chart for the reception! Most often they are displayed alphabetically on an easel, like in the picture, or in a simple frame near the entrance for everyone to see as soon as they walk in.

With a simple seating chart like you see above, you can avoid a stressful run in’s for every one of your guests! This way your guests can also set their things down and mingle with old friends, knowing that they can come back to their own seat and it won’t be taken! All around, seating charts are a great addition to your big day. Call us or stop in for a quote!

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