Digital Calligraphy – too good to be true?

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

Certainly not.

As you start on the search for the perfect wedding invitation, it may seem like there are way too many options to choose from. At Cardinal and Straw, we make that search a little easier by offering our personal advice and allowing you to see examples of previous invitation suites that we have created. Sometimes it is easier to see a finished product and use elements from other designs to create your own unique style (which many of our brides do!). This year, we have seen a new trend among invitations that has caught our attention – digital calligraphy fonts.

Before there was an endless book of fonts to flip through…there was calligraphy. Calligraphy is regarded as the art of making “elegant handwriting” and literally translates into “beautiful writing.” While some love this hand-written appeal for their invitation suite, not all have the cost in their budget to do so. For a personalized touch of beauty, there is often a price that you have to pay. Our modern-day brides are most often looking for that personalized touch but also want to watch their budget – and we have the perfect solution! 

There is an endless amount of prints and scripts to choose from, and every couple’s style varies. Between the formal and the informal fonts lie the digital calligraphy fonts that we have grown to love – and so have some of our most recent brides! This particular style of calligraphic fonts is intended to imitate a personalized hand-written invitation…without the extra costs. Many couple’s are surprised at the elegance of these fonts and we can’t help but to agree!

Like the feel of the traditional, script font for your invitation – but want something a little bit easier for your guests to read? The Feel Script is a fabulous alternative…

Feel Script

For a different look, try a block font paired with one of the calligraphy fonts for your names and locations like the example below…

Adios Script

A few of our favorites are…

Nelly Script Flourish
Feel Script

See for yourself the beautiful, hand-written appearance that these fonts offer!

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