A Breath of Fresh Air

Written by Kaitlin Marshall

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Many retreat to lakes around Kentucky and Tennessee, and others simply use the extra day off work to catch up on their to-do lists! Regardless of your plans, we all know what it means – summer is finally here!

Here at Cardinal and Straw, we know that it means wedding season has finally arrived! We are not only anxious about the long weekend, but about all the outdoor themed weddings we have seen this year! It has been a big year for country, rustic, and vintage weddings, but in the end, it seems like everyone just wants to get outside and get some fresh air! What a wonderful way to spend one of the most memorable days of your life…outside in the beautiful Kentucky bluegrass on a warm, summer’s eve.

Take a look at some of the elements that the brides of our outdoor-themed weddings have used for their invitations!

Some of our brides have even packed their bags and hit the road, water, or air – traveling to far away destinations. Be it a log cabin in a beautiful serene mountain lodge, or a tropical beach in Florida, we have some gorgeous wedding invitations that are sure to inspire your inner travel bug!

Everyone have a safe and wonderful long weekend!!

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